Monday, 30 January 2017

Community Reconciliation and Dialogue for Reintegration in Madagali LGA, Adamawa State

Findings from community dialogue on “Strategies for Community Reintegration in North East Nigeria’ carried out in three Local Government Areas each from Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States by DREP Centre reveal that security agents, organized vigilante and community members leave little or no room for reconciliation and reintegration of returnees and defectors. These resistance are caused by pains, hurt, anger, disappointment, mistrust and trauma which have further resulted in a situation where these victims have become perpetrators of violence especially against Boko Haram returnees or defectors, whom they now perceive to be contaminated.
However, with recent successes recorded by the military against the insurgents which has resulted to significant territorial loss for Boko Haram, several men, women, girls and children that were either abducted or forcefully conscripted have been released or rescued. These people as well as IDPs returning home face not only destroyed properties and lost loved ones but also uncertainty in relationships with their neighbors. Also, Boko Haram members who have managed to escape or defect from the group are attempting to return and reintegrate back to their communities. However, community members still perceive them to be members of the Boko Haram sect and have violently resisted such attempts at reconciliation. Hence the need to organize Community Peace Dialogues for Reconciliation and Reintegration in these affected communities. 
Dialogue Reconciliation and Peace Center (DREP) have been preparing the ground for the communities to reconcile and accept the return of ex-insurgent members and guarantee them safety in Madagali LGA  of Adamawa State with the aim of addressing issues of mutual suspicion along religious lines as well as healing social injuries caused by the insurgency among Madagali people. This activity will support reintegration and defection as part of the Disarmament, De-radicalization and Reintegration (DDR) cluster objective of DREP

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